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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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first, a check of your forecast with keri hall. >> it's an exciting day. it will be sunny and warm. we had hot temperatures today. expect more of the same today. it's 63 degrees in the south bay. highs today in the 80s and 90s all across the bay area. hot and hazy. and in the tri-valley expect a high of 98 degrees. hot again today but coming down a few more degrees heading into the weekend. let's see how the commute is moving. >> it's moving well in fremont past the truck scales. look at your map. i'm talking about a crash that i'm tracking past the dumbarton bridge. no slowing as you see a smooth drive. pretty much all over the bay, nothing big coming out of the altamont pass for west 580. the rest of your approaches over here toward the bay bridge all moving smoothly. friday's commute as was know tends to kick in later.
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we have new details now on an overnight shooting involving a san jose police officer. we've learned why officers were dispatched to the scene in the first place. >> chris sanchez is live in san jose. how did it all start? >>. >> reporter: we know that police officers were called out to the scene to check on somebody. we don't know what prompted the 911 phone call for that welfare check. but we can tell you that the situation ended in gun fire. according to san jose police spokesperson, an officer showed up to check on that person on monterey road north of south lake road. this would be a part of monterey road where the neighborhoods are separated by the busy road. this happened outside the neighborhood. it was just after 6:30 last night that the officer made contact with that person. although the spokesman wouldn't say what prompted the officer to draw his weapon, we know the person was shot at least once. that person was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and their condition has not been released yet this morning. no officers were injured in this
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shooting but folks who live in the neighborhoods whr shut out of their homes for hours because of the investigation. police are being rather tightlipped but say they'll release more details after the preliminary investigation is finished. this is the ninth time that officers have fired their weapons at suspects this year. fave of those cases have been deadly. chris sanchez in san jose. it is 5:02. what appeared to be a friendly gesture turned violent. uc berkeley police are on the lookout this morning for two men who offered to walk a woman home on campus then sexually assaulted her. >> stephanie strong is joining us from berkeley. this has a lot of people on edge, especially given the dialogue on this subject at cal. >> reporter: that's right, sam and laura. and very unsettling because she indicated to police that she knew one of the two suspects. this is around where it happened. police say that the woman was walking with these two guys on
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to campus here off of oxford street, very late at night, into the early morning hours and she says that they sexually assaulted her after offering to walk her home around midnight. there is some dialogue in terms of controversy here at cal when i comes to sexual harassment and assault cases. 31 former and current berkeley students filed complaints last year against cal accusing officials of not supporting them. right now it is mandatory for undergrad students to complete an online course about sexual assault. >> despite all of the teachings we have and all of the courses that we've taken, to still have those happen in our area, it's incredibly saddening. >> reporter: the suspect is a hispanic man in his 20s, 5'9", dark eyes, wearing a baseball cap, yellow shirt or jacket and
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long pants. the second a white man in his 30s wearing all black with a backpack. no one is in custody. no one has been arrested by police. they're asking anyone who might have that description sound familiar to give them a call. live here near cal. it is 5:04. the fate of the hayward superintendent unclear this morning. two members of the hayward board of trustees filed police reports after they say the superintendent lashed out during a closed door meeting last week. they said that superintendent stan dobbs, shouting, cursing, even physically threatening during a meeting. the board discussed his possible discipline or dismissal in a meeting last night. before they met in a private meeting, several people defended dobbs. >> what have i observed? sarcasm, vailed threats and not
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so veiled threats and just plain rudeness toward the superintendent. >> he's here serving because of the children, the school district needed someone to challenge the status quo. integration is exclusion. that's the message from special education advocates to school administrators in oakland. dozens of special ed students, parents and teachers hold a news conference. they're against the superintendent east decision to move many students served by special programs into general education classes. they say integration cuts off students from the extra help them need. but putting strugglings students in classes helps them to succeed. happening now, much anticipation on apple's newest item. the new 6 and 6 plus will go on sell in a couple of hours ago. >> people are coming in by foot,
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others by machine. we're live in palo alto who has been lining up since yesterday. and there's a particular camper that stand outs from the crow. >> reporter: you must be talking about brianna from san diego. she's being interviewed. we'll hear from her in about 30 minutes. we talked to her. really interesting story and we'll talk to you about how she plans on purchasing the iphone without actually being here. but you're looking at the new s versions of the 6 and the 6 plus that go on sale at 8:00, just a few hours from now at stores throughout the country and the bay area for that matter. and you're looking at the phone going hey, this looks like the current 6 and 6 plus i have. the size is the same. there is a new color, rose gold. what's inside is different. the most noticeable change is the 3 d touch technology.
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it can sense how hard you're pressing the phone. that will give you more options as far as controlling the phone. there's a faster processer in there. apple says the glass is stronger, the glass on the outside of the phone. and then also the camera is better. it's a 12 megapixel camera, shoots 4k video. that's a first for apple. now some people have been waiting out here in line since yesterday morning and here's the reason for standing out here on a sidewalk on university avenue instead of just simply ordering it online. >> you don't want to wait? >> i don't want to wait two weeks. i want it just right now. >> reporter: and if we look down there, the line extends for about a block. again, some people have been here since 10:00 yesterday morning. brianna, the robot who you can see is behind the lady right now in the dress, she's been here since yesterday afternoon. we're going to hear from her story coming up in about 30
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minutes. again, a reminder, if you're at home, you don't have to wait in line outside a physical store. you can actually order this stuff on line, not line on a sidewalk, but online on the thing called the world wide web. it's catching on. it's cool. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> he makes a good point. that was the whole reason that apple started preordering the phone. >> people love the excitement of being there. i don't know. >> a shared experience. >> you got to decide, what would you sleep on the sidewalk for. >> okay. i'll draw the line somewhere. where is yours? >> you just go camping if you want to stay outside. a look at today's weather headlines. this is what you need to know as you head out. mainly clear this morning. sunrise shortly before 7:00 in the morning and temperatures heating up quickly. by this afternoon we'll have 80s and 90s all across the bay area and then mostly clear skies
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tonight. sun set will be at 7:01. the highs today will be anywhere from 70 along the immediate coast to some upper 90s inland. a large spread in the temperatures. let's see how the traffic is moving with mike. >> there are three crashes but light slowing. here in dublin the construction is a slow down as well. look at your map. we'll show you the tri-valley wasn't a concern there. the crash over at somerville at west highway 4, that will be a distraction. back to you. coming up, president obama is sitting down with the chinese president today but some u.s. lawmakers are objectsiing out o moral principle. washington today ... to meet
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one-on-one with president obama - and attend a formal state china's president is in washington today to meet one on one with president obama and to attend a formal state dinner. but not everyone thinks the u.s. should be rolling out the red carpet. >> there are plenty of questions today. tracie potts is joining us live from washington. what's planned for later today? >> the plan is for the two of these leaders to try to hash out some of those things and then have a public forum, a news conference so we can get some sense of where the u.s. and china are going. >> china accused of human rights abuses and suspected of hacking
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government computers gets another formal welcome at the white house this morning. >> we seem to be a cheap date when it comes to human rights, then we can expect these atrocities to continue on and on and on. >> we want to be greater business partners but we have to do so in a legal environment where they stop stealing our stuff. >> the state department insists the u.s. will not shy away from confronting those issues. >> we're going to continue to be just as forth right and candid about those as we have been. >> but china is a key trading partner and the world's biggest polluter. today china and the u.s. are expected to announce a new deal to curb emissions. meantime, at the united nations this week, russian president vladimir putin has asked to meet with president obama. the white house says ukraine will top the agenda. >> i hope that russia sees what's happening in ukraine and will rethink it. >> they're also expected to discuss russia's support for syria's government. >> president obama will make it
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clear once again that russia doubling down on their support for the assad regime is a losing bet. >> how the administration insists that the economic sanctions are crippling russia's kmip. back to china for a moment. we're getting more details on what the announcement on emissions might be. china is going to agree to cap and trade system by 2015. they're going to support some renewable energy and we're told this will not involved another or an additional financial commitment from the united states. >> tracecy pats live from washington. thank you. sod good news/bad news for green energy supporters. california forced to green light the tightest emissions program anywhere in the country. state regulators today expected to approve a new fuel standard right a 10% cut on automobile emissions over the next five years.
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the oil industry lost a legal challenge to stop the plan. oil companies say it will add a few more cents to each gallon of gas but the air board suggests it adds up to less than $50 per drive per year. under heat for fudging results. perhaps a privilege toll day for volkswagen and its future. a new ceo is going to be appointed. they're trying to get back the support from the fallout this week. the company's ceo resigned on wednesday. some believe the current ceo of p por sha may be the one to take over. high yuan die is recalling half a million cars in the u.s. the recall covers 470,000 so not that sedans from 2011 and 2012. officials will notify the owners by november 2nd and tell them how to correct the problem.
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it's been a long three days on the stock market in general. but investors think that everything could turned around today. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy, live at cnbc's headquarters. >> wall street look to break the three-day losing streak. futures are sharply higher. the stocks could get a boogs from fed chair janet yellen. look for that today on consumer sentiment and the final report on gdp. the dow falling 79 points, the nasdaq losing 19 to 4734. facebook, okay lus and samsung are revealing a new head set for $99 and it will be available just in time for black friday. okay cue lus is partnering with netflix, hulu and other to offer for video content and with movie studi studios.
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strike while the iron is hot. amazon is selling prime memberships for $67 only for today. prime offers unlimited shipping and streaming video normally for 99 dollars. this is to celebrate the five emmys won by its original snow "transparent." i guess you got to take it while you can. >> all of this time of prime, i need to use it more often. >> we're landing a deal with landon. >> he's been saving that all morning for you. >> i like it. >> thanks, landon. >> thanks. have a great weekend. looking forward to the weekend. looking forward to a little bit of heat. summer sticking around. >> i think we need some new material with this weather too because we have a couple of days of a hot stretch and then it goes back down and we're right back up again. you never know what to expect these days. as we take a look outside right now from san bruno mountain towards san francisco, we have
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mostly clear skies tonight or this morning. and we'll see a few more clouds moving in as we go through sunrise. and then clearing out for another bright and sunny day. and it's now 52 degrees in napa an concord, 66 degrees in livermore, mild start to the day. so as we go hour by hour in oakland. it will be at 7:00, 58 degrees and then rising into the upper 60s as you get closer to the lunchtime hour. and then into the afternoon our temperature wills be in the 70s, briefly hitting 80 degrees before it starts to come right back down. so look at all of the micro climates today, san jose up to 90 degrees. foster city 82 degrees and the mission district at 80 degrees. 97 in fairfield, napa 94 and dub will will be topping out at 95 degrees. it will be warm today and tomorrow before the next system
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moves in. it will be a weakening front. it won't bring any rain but it will drop the temperatures a few degrees before the next one moves in and keeps us on the trend of temperatures dropping a few degrees each day. if you're heading out to the san jose rock and roll marathon, great weather for the 5k, and the big event on sunday, 61 degrees early in the morning and starting to warm up as we head towards lunchtime. but i still think that's pretty comfortable. 73 degrees. the supermoon lunar eclipse happening on sunday. you'll want to put an eye to the sky for that. although we may have clouds moving in. the moon begins to rise shortly before 7:00 and the full eclipse happening at 7:11. mike is keeping upup to date on the roads. i'm hosting an event at the gardens. i don't know if we're inside or outside but we'll get a chance to see the supermoon. over here, that's good for folks
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because of the light commute on friday. now there's a crash that just appeared on the reports on the bay bridge but i don't know which direction. we're still getting lane information. watch my twitter account, i'll update you ever second we get an update. a crash on fremont, west highway 4 at somerville, they're slowing out of antioch. over here on the peninsula, focusing on the crash north 101 at the airport boulevard off-ramp, a crash to the center divide there at the split. this will affect the off-ramp but won't affect the freeway. the rest of the bay as you expect, light traffic flow. sharks play tonight. watch downtown. it is 5:20 right now, coming up from politician to the poor. pope francis continues his historic trip in new york city today. he'll only spend one day in the big apple but it will be a full one. his plans next. morning - in the city that never
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sleeps. he's continuiis well pope francis is up early this morning, fitting in a city that never sleeps. he's continuing his historic tour in new york today. after thousands welcomed him to
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the city late yesterday afternoon. from meeting with politician to the poor, it will be a busy and important day for the pope. here's "today in the bay's" jay gray with much more. >> pope francis will spend 30 hours here in new york but of the time will be spent doing what he seems to enjoy the most, greeting the faithful face to face. as they have at each stop on this historic tour, thousands greeted pope francis as he arrived in new york yesterday afternoon, lining the roadways through manhattan, waving flags and banners, raising their cell phones for a picture. many waiting hours for a glimpse of the holy father. his first and only stop late thursday, st. patrick's cathedral where he took part in vespers or evening prayers. >> thank you for stopping by. come back soon. >> the pope's day in new york city will be a full one, beginning with a address at the
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united nation where he's expected to talk about the environment. and issues he's bediscussed throughout the tour. next visiting the world trade center site. he. >> he has a tight agenda and he is the one that said i want time to go into a inner city catholic school. >> he'll do that at our lady queen of angel school in east harlem. >> this is the best day of my life so far. >> the students spent the summer practicing prayers and hymns they'll recite for the pope today. jex the papal motorcade will end his day with a mass at the madison square garden. >> the arena seats 19,000. the crowd likely will spill out on to the sidewalk and street. following the mass, pope francis will travel to philadelphia, the final stop on his six-day u.s.
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tour. jay gray, nbc news new york. >> certainly been an exciting one to stop. >> city that never stops moving will certainly stop for the pope. what lead up to an officer involved shooting in san jose. and another case of sexual assault rocking cal's campus this morning. the victim in this case, familiar with one of her attackers. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/2shot= and i'm lau waited all week.
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we're here good friday morning. sthaing you for joining ug i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. will the weather hold up for us? >> it's friday. we start out with the comfortable temperatures. let's see, it's 52 degrees in the north bay and 63 degrees in the peninsula and south bay. highs today topping out in the giants and 90s. once again hot just like yesterday. in the east bay, 87 degrees and 98 degrees in the tri-valley, 88 degrees in the peninsula, san francisco up to 80 degrees. let's check in now with mike for the morning commute. >> even if it's a friday we have a backup building. we'll see the metering lights turned on within the next five minutes. in oakland, 880, the bay bridge and downtown. reminder tonight, giants versus a's and there will be likely more traffic across the bay bridge. we're looking at the south bay where we have that first burst
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starting to kick in at 680. no drama. this is the biggest commute we have for the south bay. we've got new details this morning on an overnight shooting involving police. it happened in san jose near monterey. investigators say they were checking on a person when something went wrong. >> what sent the chain of events going. chris sanchez is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: we can't tell you why that person called 911 for that welfare check in the first place. but we do know at this point that it did end in gun fire. according to the san jose police spokesperson, an officer showed up to check on a person on monterey road north of south lake drive. this is a part of the monterey road where the neighborhoods are separated from the busy roadway. this happened outside the neighborhood. it us just after 6:30 last night that the officer made contact with the person. although the person wouldn't say what prompted the officer to draw his weapon, the person was
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shot at least once. their condition has not been released this morning. now no officers were injured in the shooting but the folks who live in the neighborhoods off monterey road were shut out of their homes for hours because of the investigation. police are being tightlipped but say they'll release more details after the preliminary investigation is finished. this is the ninth time that a san jose police officer has drawn and fired a weapon in the line of duty this year so for. and five of those instances that use of force was deadly. chris sanchez, today in the bay. new video now of the aftermath of an explosion and fire in santa rosa. this happened last night about 10:30. prior fights went to work putting out the fire. one person was taken to the hospital for burns. investigators say they ended up finding a hash oil lab on the property but they have not officially said that's where the fire originated. neighbors returned home once the
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fire was put oup. police in berkeley are on the look outfor two men last night who offered to walk a woman home last night and then they sexual assaulted her. >> stephanie chung is live in berkeley. we understand the woman was friends with one of the men? >> reporter: we're not sure how close she is to this man but it is unsettling news. th it was midnight thursday, the woman said she was walking onto campus off of oxford street with these two men when this happened. she reported the sexual assault and said she immediately went to a campus police officer and reported the crime. and that they had actually offered to walk her home before assaulting her. now there was at least one other reported sexual assault recently on campus just three weeks ago. this is happening while cal deals with complaints and lawsuits filed by current and former students accusing school officials of not supporting victims.
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right now undergrad must complete an online course about sexual assault. >> it's a statement on to itself. >> reporter: police want you to call them if this rings a bell. both then are described as 5'9", the first as hispanic or white man in his 20s, yellow shirt or jacket, long pants, the second a white man in his 30s, wearing all black and a backpack as well. the online course is new here at cal where it's enforcing mandatory online course. if you don't complete it, you get a block on registering for courses. life here in berkeley. >> trust between the university and student body so important. thank you very much. the neighborhood is preparing itself for the first. this after the neighbors vanished while on a weekend get away.
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alan buchanan, molly mcafee and their son gavin have been missing. their vacation cabin went up into flames and now police say the remains of two people and possibly a third have been found inside. the couple has a teenage son. it's been a difficult few weeks and all they can do is prepare themselves for the worst. >> they're grateful for the respect they've had in safeguarding their privacy and the support they've had as they continue to await what can only be tragics. the officials have not confirmed whether the remains found inside of the cabin are those of the missing family. investigators are treating this as a homicide an arson case. it is 5:34. former 49er ray mcdonald expected to enter a plea for a rape charge. last month the santa clara d.a. charged him after he was dieted
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for raping an intoxicated person. last december a woman claimed she was raped after having drinks at mcdond's home. mcdonald claims the woman had consensual sex with him several times. a convicted rapist will be back in court today. this as a judge deciding where to place him when he's released. frazier smith had planned to mo into a home in concord but the property owner backed out earlier this month. people in the neighborhood rallied against smith's placement there. the 51-year-old was convicted of sexually assaulting four different women but he's now up for release. two men wearing ski masks and carrying guns in the neighborhood. two plain clothes officers patrolling the area near the rec center when they say they saw the masked men. the men took off but officers were able to catch one of them. the other, still on the run.
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officers took two guns from the scene. a stabbing suspect on the lose. the chp trying to track down a man who stabbed another man during an argument. all of this happening on 680 in walnut creek yesterday afternoon. two cars were pulled over on the northbound lane right near north main street. officers say that both of the drivers were arguing when a man from a dark nissan sedan stabbed another one who had gotten out of his white truck. the suspect had several tattoos on both of his arms, on his neck and right cheek. they're happening the witnesses will come forward. san francisco's fire chief reportedly feeling the heat. accused of coming through in the devastating valley wildfire. the commissioners blasted the chief. she's admitted to sending one city fire engine after the all hands call went out to help fight the fire. that move upset department rank and file of now accuse her of turning her back in time of
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need. she said her department was already stretched too thin with six engines dispatched to the butte fire. >> valley fire still burning at this hour. it's charred more than 76,000 acres of land. nearly 2,000 structures were destroyed, including 1200 homes. four people are confirmed dead and there are still others missing. this morning that fire is at 87% containment. even though firefighters have almost the entire fire surrounded, nearly 3,000 home are still threatened. emergency crews have closed the evacuation camp in calistoga. families who still cannot return home are now staying at a long term shelter in middletown. >> i hope one day that i should show how grateful i am to these people. they were just a blessing. red cross, everybody. >> well red cross workers say they'll be there every step of the way to help families get back on their feet.
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>> a concerning site which is more and more common. another dead whale washing ashore in the bay area. this is discovered in fremont. wildlife biologist say that water coastal levels and high algae levels could be contributes factors into the recent number of beached whales. more than a dozen whales have washed ashore just this year. the countdown is on and the excitement is building. only a few more hours until folk consist get their hands on the new iphone 6 s. >> you'll need a couple of shots of coffee to make it through the day. we're live where dozens of customers have been camping out a since last night. >> reporter: well, you got to think, the hard part is almost over for them. you've got people, that is a man wrapped up in a sleeping bag. he's been out here for several hours, since yesterday. he is close to the front of the line. some people here since yesterday
5:39 am
morning waiting for the opening here in palo alto. you'll notice there's a nice lady there inside that robot. that's brianna from san diego. she's been waiting in line since yesterday and we got a chance to speak with her about how she's going to pull off the transaction, buying the new s version of the 6 and 6 plus iphones. >> i love the magic of technology. i'm a big fan. the opportunity to be at the flagship palo alto store is an experience. people don't line up here -- a lot of here have jobs and things and we just kind of find magic in this experience. >> reporter: so that's brianna live via teleconference. she does work for the company that makes the robots. what she's going to do is buy the iphone, put it on a little hook, drive the robot down to a storage area where it will be locked up and she's going to fly up here and pick up the phone at
5:40 am
a later date. if you're taking a look at the video, this that is the images of the new 6 plus and 6 plus s that go on sale here. if you look at the phone, they look pretty much the same. they are the same side. they have rose gold as a new color. some things you're not going to notice by looking at the phone is the 3 d sensor touch technology. now when you touch the phone, it senses how hard you're bres pressing on the phone. it will allow you more options on controlling your phone. a faster processer and a much better camera. 12 megapixel camera that also shoots 4 k video. if you look down the street here, looking down the sidewalk at university avenue, it looks like we've got a block's length worth of people out here. again some since yesterday morning. this is not the largest crowd that we've seen covering these apple releases throughout the years. it's significant but certainly not large. not like when the 6 and the 6
5:41 am
plus came out where you had lines that went on for several blocks. again that phone, the new iteration of the s version going on sale here 8:00. reporting live, bob redell, today in the bay. >> i wonder how many of those people are moving from a 4 to a 6. >> every time you get a new phone that comes out, you feel really excited about it but wait, i still are the old one. that stinks. >> you know what doesn't? it's the weather. it's going to be pretty decent this weekend. >> it will warm once again. we're talking today highs in the 90s in the south bay, some 80s in the peninsula, half moon bay will be at 70, 80 in the mission district, 70 at the outer district. some of us really feeling some hot pittsburgh, 93 degrees. i'll show you the numbers coming up in a few minutes. >> we have friday morning lights, the metering light as
5:42 am
enthe backup for the head lights. speeds approaching the east shore freeway no big deal but we're starting to see slowing on the approaches. the crash at somerville causes a little slowing. crashes are clearing from the freeway and a little build from northbound 101. back to you. coming up, a break through to fighting recurring breast cancer. and state lawmakers set to vote on a bill that kuld cut on auto emissions. but if it were to pass, be prepared to pay up at the pump.
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h a happening today - =vo= u-s
5:45 am
attorney general loretta lynch is in the bay area ... talking about improving . happening later today, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch in the bay area talking about improving community policing. lynch is going to hold a forum in richmond to discuss how to strengthen the trust between the community. it's to help the perception of law enforcements offers in the country. >> it's a quarter to 6:00. president obama will meet with china's president in washington today. president xi jinping is making a stop at the white house. he's hoping to open doors to more american business in china. but this comes as the u.s. investigates a computer hack. >> we're going to continue to be just as forth right and candid about those as we have been.
5:46 am
>> we want to be greater business partners but we have to do so in a legal environment where they stop stealing our stuff. >> in the meantime, russian president vladimir putin has asked to meet with president obama as well. ukraine and syria are expected to be top points on the meeting. california posed to green light the tightest emissions program anywhere in the country but it's likely going to send gas pricings higher. they're expected to refuse a new fuel standard. the oil industry lost a legal challenge to try and stop that plan. oil companies say it's going to add a for mu cents to each gallon of gas. but they insist it's only going to add up to $50 or less per driver per year while many people argue whether or not there's a link between cell phones and cancer, a new study shows we should handle our devices carefully.
5:47 am
a consumer reports article tells user to keep their phones away from their heads and body. that would limit exposure to radio frequency waves. it also suggests using a speakerphone and texting whenever possible. taking these precautions is beneficial to your health. >> we're risking a variety of cancers, other forms -- other tumors, nonmalignant tumors. >> although the article says evidence raises concern over health impact, it does not make the cancer connection. some people not concerned and say morell studies need to be conducted. a step closer toward figuring out breast cancer relapse. some british scientists have discovered findings that might help identify patients a the a high risk of occurrence. they identified certain genetic
5:48 am
differences. researchers say the disease returns in one out of every five patients. >> at 5:47, we ae been following the pope and his travels to the u.s. these are pictures just coming to us as you see there, as he lines up with the cardinals. he's appeari at the u.n. this morning as he is scheduled to speak there with cardinal dolan who greeted him at st. patrick's cathedral. he has a full day ahead in new york city, appearing at the u.n., going to an inner city school later and a mass at madison square garden as well as about 80,000 people expected at central park today just to get a glimpse of the pontiff. posing for pictures. i wonder how many hundreds of thousands of pictures have been taken of him over the past few days? >> let's check social media. i have a feeling the pope is trending. i also have a feeling he did not have to wait in line to get
5:49 am
tickets. an asphalt plant in santa rosa is stirring up noise. a lot saying it's way too noisy. the volume coming from the plant exceeded city standards during the day and the night. this is due to various machinery. the plant is exploring new options. it is 5:49 right now. we're looking at weather and traffic together. going to start out with keri hall with the forecast. >> it's friday and it's still going to be warm but we're heading in the right direction. we'll have cooler air moving in. let's check out what's happening right now as we take a live look at san jose. things are getting going on this friday morning with just a few clouds overhead, mostly clear for the south bay. and into the afternoon, this is what you need to know as you head out the door, taking a live look now at san francisco. mainly clear this morning.
5:50 am
sunrise shortly before 7:00 and temperatures jumping right back up again this afternoon, into the 80s and 90s. mostly clear tonight, sunset at 7:01. right now we're anywhere from the upper 50s to lower 60s and highs today will be like yesterday, in the 80s and 90s. a very calm wind this morning coming in from the north. as we go through the day, not much of an increase in the wind speeds until later on this afternoon. a nice flow kicking up to 20 miles an hour in the evening and that will bring the temperatures back down. heat continues to build across the southwest and then we'll get ready for a change. a series of a couple of weakening cold front wills move in. we won't have a big drop in the temperatures, just a few degrees into each day. in pacifica, the fog festival will be happening. not much fog son saturday.
5:51 am
fog returning on sunday at 66 degrees. we'll be watching the skies to see if there are any clouds as we get closer to the supermoon lew mar eclipse. the next one won't happen until 2033 so hopefully we'll get a cleesh view of this. it happens right at moon rise shortly before 7:00 in the evening. the fuel eclipse happening at 7:11. you'll be able to see the sun passing by the moon until 8:23 in the evening. get a nice clear spot and enjoy the supermoon lew mar eclipse on sunday night. temperatures coming down from the 770s and 80s on saturday to 80s on sunday. looking a little more comfortable toward the end of the weekend. let's see how the morning commute is moving with mike. we're looking at a shot of san jose, we have a lot of slowing on north 101. i think it's a burst of traffic getting a little later. and it's a friday, a little
5:52 am
heavier than we see. but the map shows you, a live camera hear heading up north 880. we might have an earlier start of the friday commute. we have the shark plays tonight as well. not a lot of activity over here, dublin interchange. we like to see that. that's an easier friday. later build there. a little slowdown through the bay bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on. take a look at this, a padre fan for life. newborn baby and his mother doing well this morning after she gave birthright in the middle of the giants padre's game last night in san diego. mom is set to be a die hard padre's fan. she didn't want to miss the game but when she went into labor, she couldn't make it to the hospital in time. with the help of the ballpark's medical staff, she delivered little levi.
5:53 am
the padres ended up winning that game. no word if they get tickets for life or what. >> sounds like levi should have been born in the bay area. up next, new details on a deadly crash involving a popular duck boat tour bus. >> witnesses say they know exactly what went wrong.
5:54 am
♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight.
5:55 am
[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. new details this morning... =sam/cu= on a deadly tour bus crash in seattle. the national transportation safety bod all right. new details this morning on a deadly tour bus crash in
5:56 am
seattle. the national transportation safety board is now taking over this investigation after dozens of people in seattle still in the hospital this morning following a duck boat filled with tourists crashing into a bus. four college students died when that duck boat crashed into a bus on the aurora bridge. at least 51 other people were injured in that crash. crews were on the screen for hours and again loading the buses on trailers to be towed away. a florida man on vacation in seattle was on board the duck boat when he says the driver just lost control. >> as i turned my head, i heard the driver say oh no and i knew we were going to go head on. it was just a question of how bad it was going to be. >> i've never seen such an organized effort. these people knew what they were doing. >> 90 seattle firefighters and medics responded to the scene helping out those who were victimized. >> a stabbing suspect is on the loose. the chp is trying to track down
5:57 am
a man who stabbed another man. two cars were pulled over on the northbound lane near north main street. officers say both of the drivers were arguing when a man from the dark nissan stabbed another man who actually had gotten out of a white truck. the suspect had several tattoos on both of his arms, his neck and right cheek. they're hoping witnesses will come forward with any information. the fate of the hayward school superintendent is unclear this morning. two members of the hayward board of trustees filed police reports after the superintendent lashed out last week. they say that superintendent stan dobbs was shouting, cursing and even physically threatening people during a meeting. the board discussed dobbs' possible discipline or dismissal in a special meeting last night. but before they met in private, several people defended dobbs. >> what have i observed,
5:58 am
sarcasm, veiled threats and not no veiled threats and just plain rudeness toward the superintendent. >> he's serving because of the children. the school district needed someone to challenge the status quo. >> at this point it's not clear what the result of the private meeting was. integration is exclusion. that's the message from special education advocates to school administrators in oakland. dozens of special ed students, parents and teachers held a news conference. they are against the superintendent's decision to move many students served by the special programs into general education classes. they say integration cuts off students from the extra help they need. >> so we need to be building up the programs we have and make -- and strengthening them and making sure that the students have a program that meets their needs available. >> supporters say putting struggling students in general ed classes helps those students succeed by challenging them to their full potential.
5:59 am
only one minute to 6:00. coming up next on the news at 6:00, an explosion that flame, then the discovery. what firefighters found the moment the smoke cleared in one santa rosa neighborhood. and the pope takes on new york. we're following pope francis as he prepares to speak to world leaders at the united nation. and i'm bob redell life on the peninsula dozens of people have been waiting several hours for the apple's iphone. "today in the bay" continued now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm lara garcia can no. and i'm sam brock. we're tracking the weather and the roadways. we start with keri hall who has a look at your microclimate forecast. >> the weekend is here. it stays warm and then temperatures coming down a few degrees into the next couple of days. we have a nice cool start to the morning, especially in the north bay. 54 degrees there, 63 degrees in
6:00 am
the peninsula. highs topping out in the ients and 90s. grab that bottle of water. 93 degrees in the north bay as well as the south bay. and 98 degrees in the tri-valley. so i'll show you how low those temperatures go over the next few days coming up in a few minutes. . we have a good amount of traffic and slowing. this is early for it to slow down on a friday. we're showing the stretch from 680 to 880. that started at quarter to 6:00 this morning and lasted 15 minutes. we're looking at a little slowdown there. 87 starting to clear up and the rest of the south bay moving nicely. a couple of crashes here. the one we're worried about, not the one here, 880, completely off the roadway. one left some gravel on the


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